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Storage Spaces R2 and OEMs

So Microsoft have announced Windows Server 2012 R2 with some great changes to Storage Spaces.

It got me thinking about what are we are going to be seeing in the not too distant future. I think OEMs are going to be creating Storage Spaces in a box – at the moment you can get a cluster in a box solution – this will morph into Storage Spaces in a box.

A cluster in a box is quite simply at least 2 separate servers with a boat load of disks behind which are more than likely SAS Direct Attached Storage (DAS). That gives you a small cluster that can run multiple VMs (if that’s what you want it for, could just be SQL server – probably not supported by the manufacturer though).

So what’s to stop this cluster in a box becoming a Storage Spaces cluster in a box? You’ve got the 2 servers (at least) you’d need for a highly available cluster with the SAS DAS back end.

Take a look at the (rough) diagram below:


All the OEMs need to do is change some of the disks to SSDs (this gives you Tiered Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2012 R2), the NIC interfaces on the front end could be optional components – for example 10Gb, InfiBand,etc or just straight 1Gb NICs. Put in multiple NICs and you can team them and you’ve got redudancy – especially with the Windows Server 2012 switch independent option.

All of a sudden you’ve got a storage space in a box that you can connect your Hyper-V Failover Cluster(s) to!

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