Time for some System Center 2012 R2 labs… However

So I’m going to running up some System Center 2012 R2 labs this week and next to get my head around what changes have been made and how Virtual Machine Manager now rules the Microsoft universe.

The only problem is my lab equipment is shockingly poor!

My shocking lab kit

That’s right – most of lab stuff happens on 3 old desktop devices. The 2 on the right are Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V servers, the 1 on the left has the following roles installed:

  • Active Directory Domain Services
  • DNS (obviously)
  • DHCP
  • Active Directory Certificate Services (all of the roles)
  • iSNS
  • iSCSI Target
  • File Services

Soon to have:

  • SQL Server 2012 SP1
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2

It’s got 2GB of RAM, about 30 IOPs (I’d guess – never actually bothered testing it) and Core 2 Duo processor – it takes forever to do anything. Good job most of this stuff can be installed via scripted install – fire, forget, come back in 2 hours and hope it has installed.

Sure I can use Azure for some System Center 2012 R2 labs but I can’t do that much with Virtual Machine Manager, and I love to do more. Orchestrator, Operations Manager, Configuration Manager – all in my Azure lab.

So if there are any kind folks out there who want to loan me some kit (IBM, HP, Dell, DataOn, Broadberry, other) to evaluate and work with for a little while – please feel free to get in touch! Send a message via twitter to @HmmConfused – I’ll be very grateful!


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