Windows Server 2012 R2 and deduplication of CSVs

So just after the keynote this morning I saw Jeff Woolsey and asked him about deduping CSVs on Hyper-V hosts. I wanted to know if it was supported for server workloads? Could I dedupe my CSVs that hold all of my SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, etc. VHD/X files?

Unfortunately not – the dedupe of CSVs is for VDI only.

That’s not say you can’t do it but don’t expect any kind of support and who knows what the performance of these would be! You can dedupe inside VHDX files with R2 so all is not lost – provided it’s not the OS, pagefile, etc. and don’t even think about deduping a SQL database, especially with all the in-memory advancements with SQL 2014 – I’m pretty sure the performance would go down the toilet.

There are, however options. There are many storage vendors that offer deduplication on their appliances/SANs etc, so if it’s important to you check out what the hardware vendors can offer.


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