I WON!!!

So I entered Microsoft UK’s TechEd Challenge this year to win a fully funded place at TechEd Europe in Madrid… and I won one of places on offer!!!

I received two emails from Microsoft. The first said:

Thank you for entering the Tech Ed Challenge recently and Congratulations, we have shortlisted your entry as a potential finalist.


Can you please reply to this email within 48 hours of receipt…

At which point I truly thought I was about to have a heart attack! Had I won? Was I a runner up? No idea.

So I filled out the requested information and sat in front of my computer with tunnel vision – staring at Outlook waiting for a response. Was I going to have to wait 48 hours to find out? No – 1 hour and 2 minutes. Possibly the longest 62 minutes of my professional career.

Then another email arrived:

Thanks for the swift response. I am delighted to announce that your submission has won the best submission under the System Center category.

At which point I had to quite literally pinch myself. Cue the biggest smile on my face since the birth of my 2nd daughter!

I wanted to attend the Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas this year but couldn’t due to budgetary constraints – however I’m so glad I didn’t go. After seeing what has been announced at TechEd North America this week I’m extremely excited to get some time in front of Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2.

In my opinion it was difficult for me to see how they were going to improve on the two so quickly (SP1 for System Center aside).

Anyway – I’m now counting the days to 24th June.


My entry can be found here.


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